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We work closely with our clients to ensure each service encompasses their vision but remains within budget, large or small. We are 100% honest about timeframes & what we are able to achieve, and dedicated to providing services that are affordable whilst maintaining high standards.

RECORDING & Production

Whether you're wanting to demo a track, record your EP or have your whole album produced, we have the expertise to provide the sound & finished product you're looking for. Examples of tracks recorded & produced by Laid Bare can be found below, but please contact us with any questions you may have.


The process of mixing the various elements of the track is vital in achieving a professional sounding recording. We can take your pre-recorded tracks and develop it into something even more beautiful for you, ready for mastering.

Mastering mainly involves subtle equalization & dynamics manipulation, and is the finishing touch that brings your track up to a professional level. Think of it as the moustache wax on a well-groomed handlebar moustache.


We have an experienced team and numerous resources to create, run and manage any live music or DJ based event you could possibly desire.

We have amassed a very talented pool of performers from which we can choose from for each event, and pride ourselves on presenting some of the best up and coming musicians and DJs London has to offer. And not only do we provide the acts, but we can also provide a full PA, sound engineer, stage manager and we’ll even set everything up and pack it away.


Whether you have an EP or album due for release, a showcase gig to promote or just want to raise your profile, our experienced team will tailor a campaign to your requirements at very affordable rates. This may involve writing a press release, looking after your social media, securing online & print features, arranging radio plays or putting together a specific press plan to promote an upcoming release.

This is often a neglected part of the release process by unsigned artists, but is arguably one of the most important.


We know hard it can be in the music industry to get a bit of direction, or just a bit of feedback Goddamit! Especially as an up & coming act who hasn't had enough time to gain experience in what can be a very unforgiving industry. So we aim to always have an open door policy for acts who have performed with us at Laid Bare. It's a Community after all!


We take beautiful photos.